– Waste-to-Energy

Gathered compostable waste is converted to energy via a process of combustion. Other recyclable non-plastic waste is converted into briquettes that can be burned for heating or cooking purposes.​ – Plastic-to-Fuel

Using a proprietary reactor, End of Life Plastic is converted into a synthetic crude, which can be blended into conventional fuels to create recycled fuels, or further refined to create various petrochemical products.​ – Plastic-to-Pellets

HDPE and other high-quality plastics are separated from gathered plastic waste, cleaned, and pelletized for sale to plastics manufacturers.​ – Wood-to-Cellulose​

Cellulose is extracted from wood waste & sold on to blend into rapidly biodegradable cellulose plastic requiring only four weeks in soil to decompose.​


​A team of commodities experts collaborating to implement an innovative solution for the recyclable waste in Haiti, converting waste into fuel, energy or other products​.

  • In phase one, this project will make Haiti the recycling hub for the Caribbean.
  • In phase two, we scale up our operations to enable Haiti to be become a leading global plastics recycler.


  • A cleaner, more enjoyable environment for the citizens of Haiti​
  • Provides jobs
  • Provides fuel independence
  • Provides a sustainable solution for waste plastic problems of other countries​
  • The biggest benefit… creating an economy, achieving sustainable development goals & elevating quality of life